Lollipups Pet Resort, Lake Geneva, WI
 Standard Room: $25 /night per Dog
 Indoor/Outdoor Room: $30 /night per Dog
 Luxury Suite: $50 /night per Dog
Tree House Suite:  $75 /night per Dog 
 Cat Condo: $17 /night per Cat
Multiple pets sharing a Room: 10 % off second dog
All overnight stays include Feedings and 4 walks a day.  Am-Noon-PM and 10pm. 
Single Day Visits:
 Daycamp: $20 Per Dog
 10 Day Pass ( valid for 30 days) $180.00
We have inside and outside play. Weather permitting.
Group Play Activities while Boarding
Stay and Play Camp $5/ Day per Dog
Am/Pm Play (inside/outside) $8 /Day per Dog
Extra Service
Medication: $2 / Day per Dog
Late Checkout (after noon):  $15 Per Dog
Treat, Snack Pack $7.00